I’m currently working on a blog update. The new blog – as you can see – has been reduced to a minimum of information. However there will be some additions to come in the near future. Till then find all my music here:

—> Soundcloud

—> Bandcamp


Are you familiar with Bandcamp? It’s a website where musicians can release and distribute their music independently. I’ve been on Bandcamp for a while and recently decided to focus even more on it since it perfectly reflects my attitude towards a certain degree of autarchy within the music business.
So from now on you can find all my releases there. Most of them are purchasable through Bandcamp directly, some of them via other sale platforms and a couple of them are even free. Hope to see you there….

Direct Link: IOAKIM SAYZ on Bandcamp


The art of DJing has lost quite a lot of charm due to the unbelievable amount of mixes available everyday. Furthermore the focus seems to have shifted from losing yourself into the music and critically dealing with it to worshipping the DJs primarily. Appreciation is often deserved and utterly important for each one of us. The quality and effort we put into music needs to be priority number one though… always. Thank you.


Your feedback on ‘NOHA’ has given me lots of confidence and  drive. Thank you very much […]