Travesty Of Justice

Justice, something I consider so precious but miss so often in this world. Apart from music I’ve always been dealing with history and humanistic psychology and it’s an ongoing process that has a massive impact on myself and my music.
In the end ‘Travesty Of Justice’ is a piece of music, not more not less, however it’s my way of processing things and gives me hope and strength. Thanks for listening! “Travesty Of Justice” is out on Bandcamp and available here.

Buy ‘Travesty Of Justice’ on Bandcamp:


Corey Baker aka PATTERN DRAMA delivered this stunning “Hole” remix for me. We both decided to give this one out for free via ou Soundcloud channels. So… your turn!:

Check out the full EP here: HOLE EP


“PATH” is an exclusive DJ mix that includes only my own tracks as well as remixes by such respected artist friends like DJ Le Roi, LOPAZZ, Denis Horvat and Pattern Drama. “PATH” also contains three new tracks, namely “Palestine”, “Sacrifice” as well as a new “Hole” remix by Pattern Drama which is also available as a free download.
As you can see this one is highly personal…

IOAKIM SAYZ – Palestine
IOAKIM SAYZ – Calida (LOPAZZ & Casio Casino Remix)
IOAKIM SAYZ – Mesmerize (Denis Horvat Remix)
IOAKIM SAYZ – Sacrifice
IOAKIM SAYZ – Virtuality
IOAKIM SAYZ – Fatboy (DJ Le Roi Remix)
IOAKIM SAYZ – Hole (Pattern Drama Remix)

You can download the full mix via my Soundcloud page.
All tracks are individually available here: “PATH
Who I’d like to thank:
The biggest thanks goes out to everyone who’s supported my music over the years. Despite my love to music no matter what, it’s your feedback and appreciation that drives me.
One of the first and most dedicated supporters was Julian Ganzer and Studio Kreuzberg that had had a huge impact on my music. Ilja, Matthias, Peter, Jim, Chris and all my other friends from the US, you guys have shown me the good side of the bizz. Stefan, Denis, Cedric and Corey, thank you guys for your incredible remixes. My dear friend Johannes for holding up this friendship unconditionally. Furthermore thank you Ben, Anna, Uttam, Robin, Javier, Alex, Daniel and whoever I crossed path with during that last five years.
Yours truly, IOAKIM

PS: I hope I didn’t forget anyone.


Are you familiar with Bandcamp? It’s a website where musicians can release and distribute their music independently. I’ve been on Bandcamp for a while and recently decided to focus even more on it since it perfectly reflects my attitude towards a certain degree of autarchy within the music business.
So from now on you can find all my releases there. Most of them are purchasable through Bandcamp directly, some of them via other sale platforms and a couple of them are even free. Hope to see you there….

Direct Link: IOAKIM SAYZ on Bandcamp


Your feedback on ‘NOHA’ has given me lots of confidence and  drive. Thank you very much […]