Record shopping Canadian-style

Spent two wonderful weeks in awesome Canada. Incredible people, incredible nature and for sure a place that deserves to be explored even more in the future. In other news: Been working on lots of music lately which will be finished and released step by step but as usual haste makes waste…

Y’all Better Be Good

This is out now on Bandcamp. Grab it here.


112 bpm has become my favorite tempo as it seems. Such rather slow tracks are more difficult to integrate in a mix, however I prefer my tracks to be listened to separately anyways. “Scar” is a homage to emotionality and doesn’t seek to be like other tracks but a statement on its own.

‘Scar’ is out now on Bandcamp.

Free Download

I found this tune on my hardrive where it’d been stored for over six years! So despite not being up to date I still wanted to share it with you. I personally consider the track a totally emotional rollercoaster and the perfect reflection of the person I used to be in my early Berlin days.

You can download the tune via Bandcamp for free here !


Trip-Hop? Downtempo? You decide what genre it is. ‘Knee Deep’ is the result of pure improvisation and inspires me to go further into this direction. I’ve been excited to share it with you after holding it back for quite a while and now it’s available via my Bandcamp page. So is the B-side ‘Palestine’ which represents a more forward, “breakish” sound which is near and dear to me just as much.
Thank you for listening, thank you for your support […]

‘Knee Deep’ is now available via my Bandcamp page: Just click here.

Travesty Of Justice

Justice, something I consider so precious but miss so often in this world. Apart from music I’ve always been dealing with history and humanistic psychology and it’s an ongoing process that has a massive impact on myself and my music.
In the end ‘Travesty Of Justice’ is a piece of music, not more not less, however it’s my way of processing things and gives me hope and strength. Thanks for listening! “Travesty Of Justice” is out on Bandcamp and available here.

Buy ‘Travesty Of Justice’ on Bandcamp: