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  Studio Kreuzberg, what or who is that? On the one hand it’s a collective of international artists, such as DJs, Liveacts, songwriters and producers mainly based in Berlin but also elsewhere in the world. At the same time Studio Kreuzberg is becoming more and more known for its open-hearted parties in Berlin, Hamburg and soon…


New Podcast for 4/Viertel >>>

I was asked to do a podcast for my 4/Viertel friends from my hometown Kaiserslautern. K-Town (what it’s called due to many thousand American soldiers who are stationed there) is where I was born and raised. I went to school there and started DJing in a club called Crystal. It was my first steps to play…


Studio Kreuzberg @ Fiese Remise + 3 live recordings

  After a guest performance @ Baalsaal in Hamburg in October, Studio Kreuzberg returned to its beloved homebase Fiese Remise with these fine gentlemen on November 21 (Tanaka Canziani, Javier Logares, Julian Ganzer, Monaque, me and dotSTRIPE). And again we are thankful for a night to remember. The club with its very cosy and unique atmosphere,…


Souvenir Podcast #21 – IOAKIM SAYZ

In the context of my recent EP on Souvenir Music the label asked me to record a podcast for them. And since I really like making podcasts it didn’t take a minute before I started digging for the right tunes. Here’s what came out in the end (find the playlist below the mix): Playlist: 01…

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Extravaganza EP out on Souvenir Music

It’s a great honor for me to release my first EP on the Tiefschwarz imprint Souvenir Music. I’ve always admired the label for its class, philosophy and credibility. I got to know Ali (one of the Tiefschwarz brothers) at our former studio complex in Berlin Kreuzberg. Soon after I sent him my Extravaganza demo and…


Extravaganza charts 2014

  IOAKIM SAYZ: Extravaganza Hiroshi Watanabe, Satoshi Fumi: Time Lapse (Eric Volta’s Psychonauting On A Robot Heart Mix) Richy Ahmed: Sneaky Acid IOAKIM SAYZ: Extravaganza (Julian Ganzer’s Deep Mix) Paul C, Paolo Martini: Wipeout Ryan Crosson: Close To Danger Aaryon: Chlorine Ricardo Deco: Ambition Urban By Choice: Lorelei Last Magpie: Initial   Find my latest…


Extravaganza review + interview on

Thanks for this little feature for my Extravaganza EP on Trndmusik including a veeeery short interview: IOAKIM SAYZ: ” Die EP “Extravaganza” klingt anders als andere Produktionen von mir” Am 6. November 2014 brachte das Berliner Label Souvenir Music seine 67. Katalognummer raus. Dafür erstellte IOAKIM SAYZ, der ebenfalls in der deutschen Hauptstadt ansässig ist, die…



Hey there, there’s a new platform for artists and music lovers called that’s supposed to be better than soundcloud. Well, you decide as usual. I’ll use the platform for podcasts exclusively. Track snippets and previews will still be found on my soundcloud page. Follow me here –>  

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I’m happy to present you already #2 of my new podcast series called “60 MIN LEFT”. Every three months there will be a new episode. For me it is important to let the music do the talking and that’s why I didn’t put more than 11 tracks in the mix. So you can listen to…