Studio Kreuzberg turns 5!

Studio Kreuzberg, there are endless memories connected to you… now you turn 5 and we’ll celebrate your birthday together… appropriately! Extremely meaningful and emotional gig for me, see you in Berlin on January 19th!

Cable guy

I’m keeping it quiet on all social media channels nowadays as I prefer focussing on the creative part rather than on the “selling” part. Here however is a quick pic of my little paradise […]

New track ‘PERKS’ out on Bandcamp

It’s been a while as I preferred jamming out in my studio to focussing on finishing music which is a whole other work flow. I like both and once I finished a track I’m happy to share it with those who appreciate my craft.
Perks is now available via my Bandcamp page.

Get it here exclusively!


Made for the floor and out now on my Bandcamp page, get it here:

BAWU out now on Bandcamp…

The freedom of a producer is that there are no restrictions or standards of any kind. I’m trying to make use of this freedom whenever I’m in the studio. Staying open to whatever result there will be in the end can be quite a challenge, however concerning authenticity it couldn’t be more rewarding.

Here’s my latest tune ‘Bawu’, out and available on Bandcamp exlclusively: buy here.